Friday, 2 October 2015

Get Healthy - jobs for October

Jobs to be getting on with in October so get out and get healthy! Create a compost bin for collecting fallen leaves and dead plant material, then get raking collecting leaves up for making leaf mould. A great work out if you put your back into it! Sweep up debris and fallen leaves that harbour overwintering fungal spores and hiding places for slugs and snails.

Imagine how nice and tidy your garden is going to look at the start of the winter and you will soak up some vitamin D working outdoors in the warm autumn sun! Or just leave it wild for the wildlife to enjoy!

Check stored onions and garlic and remove any rotting bulbs, the neck of the bulb is usually the first area to rot. Try using onion bags to improve air flow. Check stored potatoes and remove any that are rotting. Use hessian sacks to store your potatoes as this will allow the crop to breathe.

It’s time to harvest your squashes while they are still smallish and tasty, wrap the outer leaves around the cauliflower heads to protect them from frosts and plant some garlic ready for the spring.

It’s a lovely time of year to be out in your garden so go on, get your wellies on and get stuck in!

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