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The garden is a delightful place to achieve a great mind body workout. According to experts, gardening is compared to 'moderate cardiovascular exercise'. Gardening 30 to 45 minutes a day can burn 150 to 300 calories. This isn't just standing there watering the flowers, but weeding, digging, hoeing, raking and planting. And there's nothing like being at one with nature to help create a calming, relaxed state of mind while you let go ofthe pressures and anxiety of everyday life. Here are eight ways gardening is good for your mind and body.

It gets you moving

Moving in an enjoyable way is a great strategy for staying healthy, especially for those who are attached to their desks most of the week. Gardening forces you to get outside and dig around in the dirt, which will do wonders for your body.

Spring into action

It sparks creativity

The fresh air, focusing on tending your garden and unplugging from technology all open the door for more creativity. Gardening helps you connect with the earth, your body, mind and spirit, which allows space for creative thoughts to flow.

It reduces stress by helping you relax

It’s difficult to find time to relax and escape from the pressures of life. As you step into the garden the peace and calm of nature washes over you and helps reduce stress while the physical exertion of gardening helps lower blood pressure. Immersing yourself in nature is a natural relaxer and helps boost those endorphins, which help you feel better, help you become more grounded, centred and relaxed.

It’s a great form of functional exercise

Gardening is an excellent form of functional exercise, incorporating many of the elements of a moderate to intense fitness routine. Stretching, pushing, pulling and lifting incorporate multiple muscles at one time and improve the quality of your overall fitness level.

It improves flexibility, balance and sensory perception

Gardening helps improve balance, flexibility and sharpen your senses. The movements, the sights and smells are all part of the healthy benefits while you tend your patch of paradise.
It boosts feel-good hormones

Gardening is a form of exercise, and exercise releases endorphins which make us feel good. These endorphins help us manifest a more positive outlook on life and that good feeling stays with us long after the gardening is done.

It cultivates a healthier heart

Since gardening is a physical activity, it naturally helps strengthen the heart, build endurance and increase stamina.

It’s an opportunity to give back to the community

Volunteering at the Community Garden can be rewarding in so many different ways! Take a few moments to unplug from life’s stressors and connect to mother nature. Working in the garden is a great way to enjoy nature and a healthy, rewarding activity the whole family can participate in. When done regularly you’ll not only yield a beautiful, healthy garden, but a healthier you.

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